They say “Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”. Point noted. But one thing that amazes me is the way almost every beholder in India sees beauty. “Flat tummy. Size 0. Fair skin. Straight hair.” The definition of beauty in India (predominantly). Now if you don’t accept my point, just switch on your TV and watch the commercials. And boom! Comes onscreen a girl who is already fair as milk , but in a valiant attempt to become fairer uses some creams and ta-da! You have a glowing tubelight right in front of your eyes! Oops sorry…That’s beauty. Once the tubelight has vanished from the screen comes the next girl on screen. Two bowls, Two times a day for Two months. Oh yeah, you think we Indians can live without rice and chappathis for a day? Yes we can. After you have put a horrid image into our heads that stick thin is only beauty. No wonder our heroines spend their lives in the gym. Then comes the next tragedy. For long and beautiful hair, try our latest shampoo. I have always wondered why that long and beautiful hair is always straight. Cant curly hair be long and healthy and beautiful? Yes it can be long and even healthy. But beautiful? No way! Curly hair isn’t in Indian’s definition of beauty. No wonder our once curly haired heroine’s hair are falling straight on their shoulders hugging their face.

And then comes the worst ad of all. The fairer you are, the more confidence you get. Like, are you even serious in telling this? It just makes me laugh at your dumb ignorance. Confidence is something from within which makes you glow on the outside. Again glow isn’t restricted to fair skin like they show in those ads, but its the spark that is in your eyes.

But its not just India which swears by this definition of beauty. Even google does :/ Open another tab and just type beauty into google images. And you will find yourself staring at pictures of fair skinned thin as stick girls.Screenshot_2017-04-19-20-03-15.png

The agonizing part is that even CBSE textbooks states that 34-26-34 figure as the ideal shape for girls. While the entire nation has gone into a frenzy over this, deep down everyone knows its true. But the fact that it is explicitly specified in the book is what that makes us flinch and not the fact in itself.

There is one thing about a phrase used in tamil language regarding complexion that perplexes me. The phrase that is used most commonly by a group of aunties in a wedding. “Paiyana vida ponnu konjam colour kammi” (The bride is darker than the groom) Well, anything that is light is said to have less colour. But when it comes to complexion, why is it the other way around? Coffee is not preferred ‘when it is colour kammi’ and so are brides. But the literal colours are contrasting.


But isn’t it time all this changed? Would it be late if we start showing people of varied looks to define beauty? After all, beauty cannot be defined can it? So friends, for once lets ditch those fairness creams, those face brightening apps and of course yeah, that stupid society around you too! And lets see beauty as something raw, fresh, irresistable and undefinable. Just Be’YOU’tiful!!!