What do you want chocolates or ice cream? This is the question we all have come across. In your teens, it is ” Which course? Science or commerce?” And this is the point where the questions are tricky and the answers are life changing. The path we intended might change based on the answers. But, decisions needn’t be necessarily taken by us, should it? Most of the internet and social media goes about saying, ” Mah life. Mah rules.” But i don’t think even they applied this to themselves. We find more youngsters who pursue careers of their parents choice rather than their’s and there goes another group which chides the former for their lack of individuality.In one of her most famous interviews , when questioned about coming to the film industry, Tamil Nadu’s late Chief minister Selvi J. Jayalalitha had answered “My mom forced me into the acting. I cried I fought and that’s all I could do to object her. But I was still a very young girl who was just 16 years old. What more could i do? I agreed”.I completely agree with her. People say you are 16 years old as if it is a lifetime. But it is just 16 years old as she said. She went on to say, ” Yes I hate acting. But I am surprised at myself. I was also introduced into politics by force, and I hated it. But today i am totally surprised and immensely happy with myself for what I am.” She was right. Chances that she would have become this successful, is still meager if it has been here own decision. What more?When a decision to make a person PM or CM and change their course of life by voting, lies in your hands, why do you get so fussy when your family makes a few decisions for you. Who said that the decisions just made by you light up your life? Your life does not revolve around just you. It revolves around you and your family bound by trust, hope and faith. Believe in it and in them, because you wouldn’t exist if not for them. So the next time your dad barges in with a decision don’t fuss about it. Instead take a minute and think. Who knows? You may be surprised at yourself at where that path takes you!!!
Happy Decision Making!