Chennai: Army personnel rescuing woman from a flooded locality in rain-hit Chennai on Thursday. PTI Photo(PTI12_3_2015_000397B)
d locality in rain-hit Chennai on Thursday. PTI Photo(PTI12_3_2015_000397B)

Come Dec7th and one month gets over since our rain holidays started.Nope it is not a vacation,but an impromptu one declared by the govt just a day before due to the rains.Yes, the incessant rains lashed the city drowning us in several feet of water and threw life out of gear. the aftermath that followed was even more awful.With no belongings and houses, the city was plunged into dark waters, literally without power and network.

Rescue ops had pitched in from several places.the center dispatched the army and the NDRF to carry out rescue ops.In the meantime youngsters had begun attending to they call of duty. Hey had formed groups,obtained boats to rescue people who were stranded in neck-deep water.they risked their lives to save their city-mates irrespective of their caste,creed and religion to show the world that humanity still existed.

Soon after rescue, relief ops took over the lead.Bread packets,water were all distributed thro’ helicopters by the army to people stranded on rooftops.soon people not just from chennai, but even from neighboring states began packing food and other essentials and transported them to chennai.Several rickshaw drivers offered free rides and several individuals sponsored for the medical expenses of pregnant women who were victims to the flood. Various IT companies also provided lots of relief materials to the people.And our movie stars are not to be forgotten. They also donated lakhs of rupees to the fund while some of them directly came to work in the ground.

There have been various complaints from the people that the government is not effective in this case and it is only the youngsters who keep helping them.While surveying all this, two questions arise in my mind. “IS the govt doing anything?” YES. But,”IS the govt doing enough?” No one feels so.We find so many people donating lakhs of rupees to the funds.But has it reached the people entirely? If so, would we still be like this? So where do all these go?Maybe we must look around the necks of the so called influential govt people. Your eyes will be blinded by the shining light from the ornaments.This is just a small example.

Another heart wrenching incident is the sticker distribution.So called loyalties of the parties alias goons forcefully stick their party’s picture of relief material which is from individuals and private organisations.If they refuse the materials are thrown into flood waters and they are harassed.IS this an act of humanity? Guess they live by a notion,”do not give and do not give without your logo.”. Total bastards.

These incidents make me think, ‘Where is the world heading to?’. But then when I look around those numerous youngsters moulded by Dr.Kalam, i tell myself,”exactly where it has to go….”.