Pained by the situation and helplessness of the flood victims of Chennai i was moved to help them as much as i can. At an age where i can only ask my parents for help,i ended up pestering my mom to cook food for the affected. She did so and I helped her pack them. Soon we loaded all those food,biscuits and water packets in a car and we were off.

We found a group of people sitting on the side of the road near Ashok pillar and slowed down the car near them.soon the car was surrounded by about 25 people and various kids.They were grabbing out the food parcels from my dad and grandpa..Their faces with a look of hunger and anguish.Several women with babies in their hand were fighting for blankets and sarees. A young boy,about 8 years was shouting out to me ,”akka,tiger biscuit kudu ka..please ka..”(sister give me a tiger biscuit). I didn’t know how to react. soon all the food packets and biscuits were over. But people were still around us asking for food. We had a hard a time trying to explain them that we were out of stuff. Then we somehow managed to get into the car and rode away.

Then we came across a group of kids who were playing in a ground. We gave away the remaining biscuits to them. The way these kids behaved truly surprised me. They came quietly and thanked us for the biscuits. There was no hustle or bustle there. These kids truly touched my heart.

Chennai had been in one of its worst phases. The way people behaved showed us the depth of the situation and also how lucky we were to have meals three times a day. I was not among those thousand volunteers who sacrificed their sleep for these victims. But i am happy that i could make a small contribution to these affected people..Even if it was to provide just 1 meal for the day…

In the pic: My dad….