A year ago in Iran, a woman Nina Moradi was elected as the “alternate member of the council” with about 10,000 votes. But she was denied that post. The reason? She was too pretty. This may be bizarre, but this is the truth.
Women have come out of their circles to achieve more in this world. But very few have succeeded. The rest are still under the chains of family and society. This situation is not just in the Islamic countries but also in here in India. If a woman achieves something, she is praised for a day or two. Then she is forgotten. Women have come up and started fighting for justice and recognition. But are they getting it? We all know the answer but it is still unanswered.
Now let me ask u a question. What is the name of the US President Barrack Obama’s wife? I guess most of you would have guessed it by now. Yes, it is Michelle Obama…Now let’s leave the United States to rest and come back to our very own India. What is the name of our First Lady? (Our President Mr.Pranab Mukerjee’s wife to be precise). I am sure very few of u knows the answer. Now, before you start thinking of the answer, let’s think of a reason. Why are we so ignorant? To an extent that we know who the First lady of The United States is, but not our very own India. It is a truly shameful fact, but it is not just us to be blamed. It is the society which has shaped us all. In men the feeling of dominance and in women, the feeling of submissance. Want a few more examples? Read on….
In a country like India, where cinema is religion and actors are like gods, women find it difficult to compete. A hero acting for 30 years is normal. But for a heroine to act for a few years is a great challenge. They are not able to bag good roles and their characters are overshadowed by men. Is a heroine just fit for dancing to a song for a few minutes? Why can’t they have some more scope? Let’s think….
Everyone knows that there is a huge fad for cricket in India. But is anyone bothered about the women’s cricket team? Guess only a few people know the women’s team captain. Even they play matches and win trophies. But they have very few viewers and hardly any sponsors. The cricket fever for the women’s matches doesn’t grip India as it does during the IPL League. Why not support them? After all, they are your sisters playing for our motherland’s glory.
Have you ever thought of your mother who is ready to sacrifice everything for your happiness? Or your sister who never hesitates to help you with your chores? Also, your teacher who takes the pain in making you understand stuff. You may argue with me that India celebrates women, with mother’s day, teacher’s day and women’s day. But how do we celebrate it? By telecasting a few so called good movies on that day and by advertising that it is that particular day. But what do the women get on that day? Nothing… It is just another passing day for them.
Also, it is usually the women who suffer in crimes against them or even worse, the punishments. All this, even when they don’t do any mistake. Such is the fate of women who face acid attacks. They don’t do anything, but still lose their life. But in men, it’s the other way around. If one thousand people are against this, then I am sure one million people will support this. You needn’t be a woman to support this. You just need to be a good human being to follow this. Saying the pledge aloud doesn’t make us a good citizen. But following it makes you one. It’s never too late. Let’s begin today. Let’s stand up against woman inequality!!!