Standing in the middle of the school ground during the morning assembly, I gaze at all the majestic buildings around it lost in thoughts. My school glowed in the morning sun and I felt a sense of tranquility of there. My school hadn’t looked so beautiful to me, until a few months ago, when the realization that I have to leave my school once and for all struck me. No! I am not going to another school. Wait! No other school would actually take me in. that’s because I am a class 12 student. With my friends, I have to leave my school this year… and it is disheartening.

I have been here only for the past six years, and there is no turning back since then. Six years may seem a long time, bt it is really not. Not if u are a whacky student in dav!

Any class 12 student will term that his last year was extremely boring and toiling. But we, class 12 students of dav wont! Ok, its toiling for us too. Bt never boring. Its not that we have a lot of extracurricular activities to keep us going. But we people believe in having fun with what we have got. Our school timings is from morning 7 to evening 5.30- the longest ever. But if you watch us the entire day you will get really surprised. Because that’s the way we spend our time –in perfect edutainment!

Our morning assembly in the ground, right under the hot sun annoys us really much. To add more tan to our skin , our principal’s so called rules on how the shoes must be polished, hair should be combed and most importantly how the pant should be worn (for boys) increases our woes. But it is quite a feast to watch all of us give our shoes an instant polish by rubbing on our pants and all the boys frantically pull up their pants!!

Our teachers class are also fun as they are very amiable. They make our learning process effective and very fun too. Each of our teacher’s own anecdotes have stuck to our mind, and refuses to leave us.

Our expert classes are really the best part of our 12th standard. We have got a total of 5 sirs. And they are all just awesome. Our maths sir, Mr.Prakash is our favourite. His impeccable sense of humour and the way he weaves movies and reality into maths is really surprising. Our physics sir, Mr.Sampandham’s slang of tamil is one which even illayaraja would want to learn. The way he says “Enna ma? , yaaruda anga pesuradhu?” are just hilarious. He was my principal’s physics sir too! Guess tats enough for you to know about his teaching experience and skill. Next comes our chemistry skill, Mr.Shahul Hameed. Ask any 12th student here about “thanni” and you will get the full details! The way he tells, “thanni podanumda. Kudikira thanni illa da..H2O…” and “padigaara kalluda, padigaara kal” are our all time favourites. All our sir’s have truly created a niche for them in their fields and also in our hearts.

There is nothing that can beat our school corridor, which is unofficially our lounge bar. Be it the experts break or lunch break, it’s the corridor which we head to. With the trees stretching out their branches into the grill and sun throwing in a couple of rays and the breeze cuddling us, it is truly a treat for us. Our corridor will be partially flooded with water when it rains and it is absolutely fun frolicking around that time.

Cozy cemented platform, trees providing a natural cover and breeze swaying over us-no its not a local park, but our school cycle stand. Filled with cycles in the morning and completely deserted late in the evenings when we leave home, it’s a popular meeting place for girls. There is nothing heavenly than taking a walk in the cycle stand with your friend when it rains. Walking in ankle deep water, with the trees giving a spooky effect, guys, it’s a must try!!!

But, it’s a pity that all these are not going to last for long. With just four months , we will be leaving the school forever. The benches which have been inscribed with the feelings and the chocolate wrappers which once adorned the floor cannot come with us. Only the memories can. The silly things that we cried for and the crazy things for which we laughed. There’s nothing like those beautiful days in our life. What???? Feel like u wanna come here?? You are nailed!! There is nothing like the school life here in DAV with your friends!