15101676432_a215b8ebf8_bSitting in the beach at 5 pm I find it bustling with activity. Young children playing in the sands,shop keepers setting up their shops and some vague onlookers. the beach has always been a major hub for entertainment in Tamil Nadu…Among all the facets of  the society . A walk in the beach with your feet in the sands is sure to cool our minds and souls of all our worries.

Beaches in India offer a wide range  of entertainment…Balloon shooting,horse riding,kite flying,merry go rounds are all available all over. U can also customize your visit by taking your own beach sets and building sand castles,playing with frisbees,just running about or even playing cricket with your self-made bat and ball.

And if these games have got you hungry, and you don’t know what to do with your hunger pangs, do not fret! The beach has a lot of stalls to feed your hunger pangs. Hot bajjis,aromatic meen varuval,roasted corn,healthy sundal and much more….! It is up to you to choose your favorites. And don’t worry that your pockets will get burned…they are all very feasible. 🙂

And don’t forget to wet your feet in the cool waters.The waves lashing the shore are sure to cool down your spirits too…Doesnt it seem exciting?! So what are you waiting for? Put on your sunscreen,grab your frisbee , call your loved ones and head to the beach!!!